Welcome to SiteMuze.
As you might have expected, this site uses the multilingual SiteMuze CMS system.

What is SiteMuze exactly?

SiteMuze is a Content management System that excels in ease of use and flexibility.
To do this we separate the content, the text etc, from the graphical shell that makes it look the way it does. This also means that sticking the site into a new graphical jacket is almost as simple as just flicking a switch.

To start naming all functions here would just be to much and probably unnecessary, because SiteMuze’s forte is that we tailor it to size almost perfectly. That way it will contain all the functions you want, but without the added overhead and burden of all the things you don’t want or need.

Some of the important and special functions that are available and / or possible:
– Online adding and editing of all the content of your site (lay-out excluded ofcourse)
– Multiple users can be added so that you won’t have to do it all alone
– Automatic and/or manual backup of your site, whether it will be a partial or full back-up
– Media management from the administration interface
– SEO, Search Engine Optimalisation, fully integrated in the system
– Multi-lingual site. You can have an unlimited amount of languages and each language can even be separated from the others and only be edited by it’s own “translator”
– Fully template based
– very user friendly
– Adding extra functionality can very easily be done by us and there are many extra functions already available and we keep adding new one’s. This could mean that your facebook page can be like’d or shared on pinterest from your webpage, but also many functins that might have more to do with the management and maintenance  of your website.

Get in touch with us to discuss your wishes and we think it very unlikely that we wouldn’t be able to the functional CMS precisely as you have been looking for all this time already.